Software & Consultancy



Project portfolio which spans 25+ years. Delivering solutions for financial institutions in front office and enterprise architecture technology groups.

  • Order management systems
  • Smart order routing
  • Algorithmic execution
  • Deployment & application estate management

Building, managing and supporting global distributed systems.


Track record of building solutions on top of 3rd party products and collaborating with vendors.

  • Interfacing with legacy systems
  • Managing backwards compatibility
  • Migration to target architecture
  • System testing strategies

Designing and evolving solutions with the right level of engineering for the problem.


20 years of development experience with Java™, associated technologies and the open source Java™ "eco-system".

  • Spring Framework
  • Embedded Jetty
  • Maven

Agile, test centric development with widely used open source tools and libraries.


EFX application components and services

Development of core services and application libraries for inter data centre messaging, journaling, low-gc performance monitoring, automated failover and deployment. These solutions have been used by the client in the migration of existing applications to CoLo and in the implementation of their most recent RFS project.


EFX credit checking module

Replacement of 3rd party vendor implementation which responds to FIX requests to credit check RFQs and trades. This stand alone Java solution integrates with the client's credit management system, credit monitoring and trader intervention applications. The project has a strong emphasis on providing an extensible framework, performance and outcome diagnostics.


Bare metal deployment & orchestration software

Suite of tools to manage the deployment and operation of application services. These tools are used by application support and developers.

The solution is built in Java and has been configured to use maven infrastructure and single sign on security. The Agent and Orchestration applications expose ReST and JMS services as well as single-page application web interfaces.

2015 - 2018

Multi region SmartTrade platform for FX

Aggregated market data and order execution for spot FX built from SmartTrade Liquidity Management System and MarketFactory. Deployed in three CoLo sites. Algorithmic order execution via hosted vendor.

2010 - 2015

Multi region SmartTrade platform for Rates

Order execution for fixed income derivatives, bonds and swaps built from SmartTrade Liquidity Management System, Ion MarketView and FIX connetivity. Smart order execution, o internalisation and internal market making. Algorithmic order execution & Portfolio trading strategies


SmartTrade deployment for smart order execution for Rates

Aggregated market data and smart order execution for european government bonds and interest rate swaps. Built from SmartTrade Liquidity Management System, Ion MarketView and List Fast Track.